Sample HTML for your posts

This post shows you some basic HTML you can include in your posts to better format your text. A valid HTML tag must be enclosed like so: <tagname> where "tagname" is simply the name of the tag. Below is a list of the tags you can use and a sample of what they look like.

<b>bold</b> : bold

<i>italic</i> : italic

<u>underline</u> : underline

<strong>strong</strong> : strong

<em>emphasis</em> : emphasis

<cite>citation</cite> : citation
(note: it is preferrable to use the "quote" button, located below each post, instead of cite)

<s>strikethrough</s> : strikethrough

<h3>header</h3> : header (note that headers will force themselves to be on their own line)

You can also use combinations of these:
<i><b>italic and bold</b></i> : italic and bold

Note that some specifications may conflict resulting in unexpected results.

There is also a tag you can use to create a box around code. This is especially useful if you need to paste programming or scripting code in your post.

<code>(some code)</code>

/*Text surrounded by the code tags will be left with the existing format in place (except double line-breaks).*/
echo "warning";

You can also create unordered, ordered, and definition lists:

<li>bullet one</li>
<li>bullet two</li>

  • bullet one
  • bullet two

<li>item one</li>
<li>item two</li>

  1. item one
  2. item two

<dt>term one</dt>
<dd>definition one</dd>
<dt>term two</dt>
<dd>definition two</dd>
<dd>definition three</dd>

term one
definition one
term two
definition two
definition three

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